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Toyota Prius Still Reigns Supreme…

Among America’s hybrid cars, Toyota Prius is still the best as far as green performance is considered. According to scientists, the Prius delivers more than 40 percent reduction in global warming pollution compared to its closest gasoline counterpart. This model has around half of all hybrid sales. Hybrid technology is improving; but at the same time auto makers are trying to maximize power over economy.

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Toyota Prius still tops America’s hybrids, research shows


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Toyota Agreeing to 55 MPG CAFE Proposal?

President Barack Obama’s administration wanted to boost US mileage standards to 54.5 miles/gallon by 2025. Toyota Motor corporation is planning to support this proposal. Three Us based car manufactures agreed to the mileage standard. Fuel economy standards for light trucks will increase more slowly than for cars. This is not good for Japanese car makers. They have to make improvements with regard to fuel economy.

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Toyota a Holdout on U.S. 54.5 MPG Fuel Plan

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Toyota – Greenest Carmaker!

A latest research report says Toyota is World’s No.1 “green” brand. The Green brand is given for environmental sustainability. For Honda, the green score is 58.90. But Toyota has a green score of 64.19. While engaging audiences, Toyota is making the environment a core management priority.

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Report: Toyota is world’s No. 1 ‘green’ brand

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Tesla To Produce Vehicles For Toyota?

The sporty Tesla Roadster electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has purchased an extra 100 Lotus Elise chassis to enable further production.  They are also selling battery components and chargers to Daimler for its Class-A and Smart Fortwo electric vehicles. A recent filing with securities and exchange board (SEC) has revealed its plans to produce electric cars for Toyota Motors which will earn a $100M deal for Tesla Motors.

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Tesla Motors inks $100M deal with Toyota


2011 tesla roadster

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Next Generation Yaris Unveiled

This article is about the launch of the very new Toyota next generation YARIS. Extraordinary looks and the latest technologies will make it different from the old one. This is perhaps most awaited car of the year.

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Auto Buzz: Toyota shows off next-gen Yaris

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Japan is more prone to earthquakes than any other region, and a government study revealing the 87% possibility of a 8-magnitude earthquake hitting the world’s leading auto maker Toyota Motor Corp’s base of Tokai region has prompted it for diversification. About ¥2 billion is going to be spent by Toyota to build a factory with a capacity to make 100,000 engines per year at the Tohoku region. TheJapanTimes online has more details.

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Toyota to build engines, small hybrids in Tohoku

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Toyota Camry vs Hyundai Sonata

Toyota is losing steady sales to Hyundai’s Sonata, and even despite efforts to catch up, Toyota’s sales continue to lag. Recent safety fears surrounding Toyota cars, the devastating earthquake in Japan, and the simple fact that Camrys get less mileage than the Sonata means that the overall desire for these cars has decreased over the past few years.

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Toyota Earnings at Stake as Camry Loses Drivers to Sonata: Cars

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2012 Scion iQ vs Fiat 500

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami delayed the launch of the 2012 Scion iQ. The cost of this car will be $15,995. This Scion is one of the cheapest cars in US. The cost of its counterpart the Fiat 500 starts at $15,500. But the Fiat 500 does offer far more beauty and interior space than Scion iQ, and the Italian designed interior makes it seem like a luxury car.

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Toyota prices the 2012 Scion iQ, starting at $15995

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Quick Review: 2011 Toyota Avalon

The 2011 Toyota Avalon has been given a make over to make the sedan more appealing to a larger audience. Interior and exterior tweaks with an eye for comfort and luxury have elevated the car to a new level of comfort and drive-ability. The car has been described as safe and serene and appeals to an older demographic seeking a luxury sedan as well as a younger group of drives who simply want a well made, spacious, and safe vehicle.

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2011 Toyota Avalon Car Review


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Toyota Putting Hopes in Prius Growth

A few years ago, Toyota, as one of the leading car manufactures in the world, launched the Prius. The Prius is, of course, a hybrid sedan with fully loaded features.  The new car is well designed and comes with various new features that will be an eye catching to new buyers. it really attracts the customers by its quality and muscular style. So Toyota bets that it will grow well.

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Toyota bets big on growing Prius family

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