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Toyota Has Re-Achieved Pre-Tsunami Output

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan’s largest auto maker, has increased their monthly production and reached the pre-Tsunami-earth quake levels in auto production. The August output proved their efforts reaching the pre-quake levels. Toyota has achieved a near complete recovery in August, in its part supply. But there is a wrong note sounded, which says that Japan’s strong currency status is capable of disturbing the recovery of the export prospects.

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Toyota Domestic Output Up For First Time Since Quake

2012 toyota camry

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Dezi Nagayya has been selected as the new design manager for Toyota Motor Company. He proposes to put an end to the conservative designs of Toyota and come out with a more attractive design theme. Though he looks radical, his outlook is promising to bring back the emotion that is missing and is dynamic and sportive in his approach. At the same time, he promises to keep the rational and traditional values intact in the designing of Toyota future vehicles. 

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Toyota elects new design chief, hopes to bring ‘emotion’ to Toyota’s design …

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Toyota Launching First Mini Car

Toyota is introducing its first mini car in Japan on Monday. It’s called the ‘Pixis Space’ and will retail at prices starting 1.12 million yen. Mini cars, known as ‘kei’ in Japanese, are defined as cars with proportions less than 3.4m by 1.48m in length and width, and less than 2m tall, and are taxed at lower prices than regular sized cars.

Toyota will be introducing two more mini car models at some point in the future, although dates for this have not yet been confirmed.

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Toyota adds first tiny ‘minicar’ to Japan lineup

Toyota Prius V Going on Tour

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, Inc along with FILTER Creative Group will take the Prius V to many destinations on an experimental tour, beginning tomorrow, Sep 23. This Prius Creation Station tour is set to feature unique activities for parents and children. Guests can pick up entry forms for a chance to win a brand new Toyota Prius in The Prius Goes Plural Sweepstakes.

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Toyota Launches “Prius v Creation Station” Tour This Fall

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Toyota (New) Supra in Development

The article is all about the introduction of the New Supra, a successor to the beloved Supra. As per the article, production of the New Supra is currently in progress. Recent reports also say that the production project is going on after the approval from the company’s CEO, Akio Toyoda. The New Supra is probably not going to make any kind of positive changes in the company’s sales – it’s too much of a niche product.

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Toyota Engineers Working On Secret Supra Successor: Report

The campaign in question was called  ”Your Other You”. It should have been titled ”The Dumbest Thing We Could Possible Do”. A woman is suing the automaker after they sent her emails and other online material that made her think that she was about to receive a visit from a man running from the police and needing a place to stay.

“Sebastian Bowler,” who appeared to be a 25-year-old Englishman and soccer fanatic with a drinking problem emailed the woman and even supplied a MySpace page. He told her that he was on a cross-country road trip and would be at her house in a few days. Just for fun, he claimed to have run into some trouble at a motel, after which the woman received an e-mail from the hotel manager with a bill for a TV Bowler had smashed.

The woman, Amanda Duick, sued Toyota for $10 million claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress; unfair, unlawful, and deceptive trade practices; and negligent misrepresentation, among other things. A court recently denied Toyota’s claim that she had inadvertently agreed to participate in the program, clearing the way for the fate of the $10 mil to be decided.

Toyota’s aim was to take advantage of the Punk’d craze sweeping America at the time. In the end, Toyota may be the only one getting Punk’d. To the tune of several million.

Toyota Partners With Future Farmers in California

Toyota, the world’s leading car manufacturer, is going to be working with FFA chapters statewide in CA.  FFA, if you don’t already know, means Future Farmers of America. Toyota and the FFA are going to be working  together with the World Ag Expo to support FFA programs throughout California, promoting leadership development activities throughout state.

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Toyota Launches Program to Benefit FFA Chapters Statewide …

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2012 Toyota Camry Coming Sooner Than Expected

For the people who are very much eager to have a test drive in the 2012 Toyota Camry, it will be launched ahead of schedule. Sales of 2012 Camry will be begin in the month of October. Jeff Bracken, VP of sales for Toyota’s U.S. division, has given the details of sales figures in comparison with the previous year. According to these figures, sales percentages have actually dropped.

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2012 Toyota Camry To Hit Showrooms Ahead of Schedule

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Toyota Credit Downgraded By Fitch

Fitch, a credit rating agency, downgraded Japanese automaker Toyota’s debt on September 12, 2011, to an “A.” Fitch believes exports will suffer due to an improving Yen, which has strengthened as investors look for a stable currency. This is the latest in a string of troubles for Toyota, which has been hurt by safety recalls and the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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Fitch downgrades Toyota by one notch

Toyota recently lost is ranking as the top selling automaker in the world. The lost ranking had nothing to do with quality or better cars being available from other automakers, it was simply the production stoppage forced by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Six months later, the company is struggling to survive and hopes to regain market share through innovations in fuel economy.

With 650 of its parts suppliers shuttered, Toyota had to decide which cars to get into production first. The company choose the the Prius and the Lexus models. Atsushi Niimi, head of production said, ”We decided we had to get things going bit by bit to survive through this, so we prioritized the cars our customers wanted most.” Narrowing its production focus allowed the company to return to 50% production much faster than demanding parts for all models. It also prevented them from retaining their global market share.

In order to retake its top position, Toyota plans to roll out at least 11 new models over the next two years, focusing on innovations in fuel economy. The focus will be on three new versions of the popular Prius (click here to save on Toyota Prius insurance) and all electric or dual power versions of other models. The Camry will lead the new roll out program. It was the best selling car in the U.S 13 out of the last 14 years, so makes sense. Hopefully, the company’s efforts will not be for naught. America could lose a respected automaker if Toyota can not recover soon.

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