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Toyota Building Corolla Stateside (in MS)

Toyota opened a new plant in Tupelo, Mississippi that is dedicated to the production of their Corolla model. Toyota’s goal with the new plant is to win back American customers by using American made parts and contributing to the local economy. Toyota boosted the local economy by hiring local, and all of the cars produced will be assembled with at least 80 percent North American made parts. In addition, Toyota has partnered with the CREATE Foundation to donate $50 million to local schools over the next 10 years.

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2011 toyota corolla

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CarMD best manufacturer award:  this is a new award conferred by CarMD.  Though only a year old, this was their first award giving occasion. This year it was for Toyota Motor Sales, USA inc. who grabbed this award.  This was somewhat unexpected to many casual observers, given Toyota’s recall issues of late.

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Score another one for the smartphone pundits. Toyota Financial Services has launched an iPhone app that makes it easy for consumers to make their new car loan payments anywhere.

There has been an average of 150,000 mobile visits per month since launching a website designed for mobile usage. The number of users on that site encouraged Toyota to launch an iPhone app as well. ”We have been monitoring usage and found that nearly 60 percent of our customers are using an iPhone when they access the mobile site,” said Jeanice Lee, consumer portal manager for Toyota Financial Services. ”So for us it made sense to develop an iPhone app for our customers to manage their accounts on the go.” The company expects 20 percent of consumers will bypass online sites completely and pay their bills directly via smart devices. In the first couple of days the app was available, there were 5,200 downloads.

The app incorporates QR code technology, which allows customers can instantly access their accounts even if they have never registered prior to downloading the app. Users simply scan a personalized bar code on their billing statement. ”If a customer is not registered for an online account with Toyota Financial Services, they can download the iPhone app and scan the QR code available on their billing statements which will populate the registration fields, so they don’t have to enter them manually, simplifying the registration process,” Lee said. The QR codes began to appear on November billing statements. Toyota plans to expand to other smartphone devices and potentially tablets.  If you have a Toyota car loan or lease, this is truly a convenience-booster.