Toyota has successfully got the majority of the cases accusing it of driving down the value of its vehicles by hiding information about defects related to unintended acceleration dismissed in New York and Florida. The ruling means that Toyota owners whose cars never accelerated unintentionally have no right to sue for economic loss.

This level-headed decision is the exact opposite of a decision recently made in, not surprisingly, California by U.S. District Judge James Selna that says Toyota owners could sue for economic loss caused by the overall drop in value of their cars due to the unintended acceleration scandal.

The battle to the East continues as, well despite the finding. The lead lawyer for the plaintiffs claiming economic loss, Steve Berman, saying his group will appeal the decision in New York and Florida, said, “Given the thousands of crashes, hundreds of deaths, Toyota’s inability to fix the cars, we don’t believe courts in New York or Florida would agree.”

[Thanks to our friends @ Auto Loans Florida for this tip]

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