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Toyota Sales Surge by Nearly 90% in May

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. is well on its way to recovering from a rough patch of recall troubles and sales difficulties brought about by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The Japanese automaker’s raw volume sales were up a eye-popping 87.3 per cent this May as compared to May 2011. In total, TMS moved 202,973 units in the month.

The Toyota Division had a rip-roaring month as well moving 181,510 vehicles worldwide, an 88.9 per cent increase in its volume from May 2011. Bubbling over about this success the buoyant Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., said, “We’re grateful to our customers who have made Toyota the number one retail brand in America for the third consecutive month. Our growth has been driven by the success of our new products, led by Camry and Prius family, part of the most aggressive product launch in our history.  With the much anticipated Scion FR-S on sale today and the continued recovery of the overall automotive market, we’re confident our sales momentum will continue.” 

If Toyota is able to continue to ride this trend, the auto-juggernaut may soon once again regain the title of being the world’s number one automaker.

Toyota’s HiLux model has reached both the North Pole and South Pole to set a world record by becoming the first model to do so.

Its journey started way back in 2007 when the television show Top Gear entered a HiLux into a race to the magnetic North Pole. It made it. Then, this year three Toyota HiLux vehicles reached the South Pole after a fourth-month journey in Antarctica as part of a special challenge that was set up by the event organizer behind the Extreme World Races that had brought the model to the North Pole five years previously.

The 5,900-mile trek to the South Pole was an arduous one that had the HiLux crew braving temperatures of negative 58 degrees and altitudes up to 11,000 feet. To deal with the brittle temperatures, the HiLux vehicles ran on A1 jet fuel. However, it must be noted that the vehicles’ engines and transmissions were not modified.