Toyota’s HiLux model has reached both the North Pole and South Pole to set a world record by becoming the first model to do so.

Its journey started way back in 2007 when the television show Top Gear entered a HiLux into a race to the magnetic North Pole. It made it. Then, this year three Toyota HiLux vehicles reached the South Pole after a fourth-month journey in Antarctica as part of a special challenge that was set up by the event organizer behind the Extreme World Races that had brought the model to the North Pole five years previously.

The 5,900-mile trek to the South Pole was an arduous one that had the HiLux crew braving temperatures of negative 58 degrees and altitudes up to 11,000 feet. To deal with the brittle temperatures, the HiLux vehicles ran on A1 jet fuel. However, it must be noted that the vehicles’ engines and transmissions were not modified.

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