Toyota Putting Hopes in Prius Growth

A few years ago, Toyota, as one of the leading car manufactures in the world, launched the Prius. The Prius is, of course, a hybrid sedan with fully loaded features.  The new car is well designed and comes with various new features that will be an eye catching to new buyers. it really attracts the customers by its quality and muscular style. So Toyota bets that it will grow well.

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Toyota bets big on growing Prius family

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Toyota Car Deals: July 2011

This article deals with Toyota car incentives for specific models during July 2011. Toyota Corolla is available at 0% interest for 36 months, while the Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid, Toyota Avalon and Toyota Venza are available at zero interest or with very low interest rates.  In certain models cash back is also available.

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Toyota Car Incentives for July 2011

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2012 Toyota Hilux Specs

The Toyota Hilux diesel pickup sports a variable nozzle turbo which can add up to 24 horsepower bringing the total to 144 hp. It is available in three body styles and can be further customized with two engines and transmissions. The Hilux two or four wheel drive also has a new dashboard piece sporting a 6.1 inch touchscreen to control the multimedia system!

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Official: Toyota Hilux pickup gets fresh skin, more power for 2012

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The article deals with the new diesel engine model which Chevrolet is going to launch in the US market. Already the petrol model is available which beats the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord in sales, and they want to introduce the diesel version which gives fuel economy of 50 mpg. The Volkswagen has already tried but failed to market a diesel engine well to US customers, but the new Chevy diesel will be available in the US in 2013.

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Chevrolet to Launch Diesel Powered Cruze in US Market

Toyota has launched an ad campaign to market its RAV4 model to African Americans. It is being positioned as a vehicle that serves the purpose of an SUV, while giving a carlike ride. The ads focus on trips made by Benny the bull dog and his owner Mark around Los Angeles. Through a voice over, Benny describes his adventures in TV commercials, radio spots, mobile ads, and on websites. Although the campaign received mixed reviews from academics, Toyota is spending between 5 to 10 million on it.

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Toyota Pitches Its RAV4 to a New Demographic

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Toyota Highlander Deals – July 2011

This month, the 2011 Toyota Highlander is available with a 0% interest rate financing incentive plus $500 cash back. The 2011 Highlander is also available with $500 cash back plus a 0.9% financing incentive for 48 months or a 1.9% interest rate incentive for 60 months. the 2011 Highlander lease deal for July is a $299 per month deal on a 36-month lease with a $2,298 down payment.

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The article deals with the new Toyota Venza which attracts both the family adults and mid life crisis adults by its attractiveness. It suits both the people with its performance in speed and stylish looks. It can be driven on a mountain road as well as wherever you want to go.

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Toyota Venza’s anti-hipster commercials

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Electric Scion iQ Coming in 2012!

This month, a flurry of reports shows top auto maker Toyota announcing an official 2012 launch date for its 2012 Scion iQ EV, an electric car to rival the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Ford Focus Electric. Car critics are paying a lot of attention to this rollout to see how Toyota, a company that holds an enviable position in hybrid sales with the Prius line, will approach the all-electric car market. For those who had been asking why Toyota didn’t act as quickly on plug-ins as it did on hybrids.

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Toyota Will Sell Scion iQ Electric Car in 2012

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Toyota Motor Corp. has had 26 of the 33 claims against in it in a stockholder lawsuit dismissed. The lawsuits were in connection with alleged sudden unintended-acceleration problems which lead to a 20 percent drop in Toyota’s shares in January and February of last year. The claims involve investors who had purchased their stock on Foreign exchanges.

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Toyota Wins Dismissal of Some Claims in U.S. Investor Acceleration Suit

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2012 Toyota Hilux Redesign

The leading Japanese car maker, Toyota, has been trying to boost its car sales, as well as to keep its customers satisfied, and now it has made certain changes to 2012 Toyota Hilux by improving certain aspects and introducing a new model. The new Hilux will be entirely redesigned in terms of the exterior with four grades of vehicles.  Too bad we won’t get his pickup on US shores, where the Tacoma reigns as Toyota’s midsize truck. To know more details of Hilux please visit

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2012 Toyota Hilux Gets New Design, More Power

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